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New Pencil Pro and Magic Keyboard Introduced for Apple Price and Features

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New Pencil Pro and Magic Keyboard Introduced for Apple Price and Features

Many accessories were introduced within the scope of the new event organized byApple in the past hours . Among the new accessories,Apple Pencil Pro andMagic Keyboard keyboard attracted attention. The pen, which hasa haptic feedback feature, can be used in many different areas and aims to offer users a comfortable experience.

If we look at the details of Apple Pencil Pro , you can take notes, make drawings and make various markings with the pen. Apart from this, it should also be noted that there arehaptic motors on the pen . Thanks to this feature, users can get a more realistic feeling. Additionally, you can perform various movements with the pen. These include basic features such as rotation and compression.

Apple Pencil Pro Price and Features

Another feature of the pen is the touch detection system in a short time. Thanks to this system, detection is performed before the pen is placed on the tablet and it is shown where the tip of the pen will land.Apple Pencil Pro can be used oniPad Pro models with M4 chip andiPad Air models with M2 chip . Finally, the price of the pen is offered for sale in the Apple storefor 5,299 Turkish liras .

On the other hand, the keyboard called Magic Keyboard was introduced as part of the event, as well as new iPad models . In the new version, previous user feedback has been taken into account and new features have been added. Its biggest feature can be stated asits trackpad . Let’s say that a new haptic feedback engine has been added to the trackpad and the keyboard is presented in a larger way. Additionally, a better experience is tried to be provided by using the glass surface.

If we look at the frame of the keyboard, it is reported that it has switched to an aluminum material. Thanks to this material, it becomes both lighter and more durable. In previous models, there were peeling and deformations on the edges. It is reported that such problems will not occur with the new Magic Keyboard.

AppleMagic Keyboard Features and Price

There are 14 function keys on the top row of the keyboard. With these keys, you can control the volume, activate media playback and additionally adjust the screen brightness. In the left corner, there is a charging USB-C port.

Finally, if we look at the price of the keyboard, we can say that the Magic Keyboard for the 11-inch iPad Pro (M4) is on sale for11,999 TL , and the Magic Keyboard for the 13-inch iPad Pro (M4) is on sale for13,999 TL .

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