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Lost Lullabies – The Orphanage Chronicles Opens to Early Access

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Realistic new generation local horror game Lost Lullabies – The Orphanage Chronicles is available in early access.

A local game developerPugsy Studiosshares with you the excitement of releasing the Lost Lullabies – The Orphanage Chronicles game , inspired by the true story and with realistic graphics, very soon! Add to wish list nowadd. The local horror game, which will be available in early access in July, revolves around paranormal events taking place in an orphanage. With both solo and multiplayer experience, Lost Lullabies will soon be on the computers of many horror fans!

If you are ready, let’s take the first step into the mysterious story of Lost Lullabies.

Lost Lullabies – The Orphanage Chronicles: In Search of the Orphanage’s Dark Past

Our play tells the story of the orphanage in the 1980s after the fire in 1960. Within 20 years, the orphanage was surrendered to evil spirits and he was left doomed as an orphan.

The game takes place at the Lowell Orphanage, which lies in the heart of the misty pine tree forests outside the town of Lowell. The orphanage, which owes its bad reputation to the torture and psychological-physiological experiments of the children living there, was destroyed by a mysterious fire in the 60s.

Four friends with secret pasts set out to reveal the secrets of the orphanage that were hidden by the fire and the secrets of all the pain experienced. Throughout the story, players try to unravel the mysteries of the orphanage. Players explore the burnt and ruined orphanage, searching for the truth in the ruins and discovering the secrets of the notorious orphanage in the clues. While the story, which consists of four chapters, draws the players in, it creates a feeling of completion in the player with its fast pace and delving deeper into the subject.

So how does he experience this feeling so effectively?

A Horror-Full Atmosphere with Realistic Graphics

It is quite possible to get carried away while playing Lost Lullabies – The Orphanage Chronicles. The game does justice to its era with its intricate puzzle sections, impressive graphics and absorbing storytelling.

Players will begin to feel the game from the moment they enter the town of Lowell, and they will understand that something is hidden in the misty air. The game, with its breathtaking atmosphere, will make you feel the dark streets of Lowell to the fullest. While the dose of tension will always be at its highest level, players will feel that they are in a world full of fear.

It owes its unique structure to its multiplayer gameplay

A local game that draws players in with its story and atmosphere.horror gameLost Lullabies offers two different gameplays to its players. In addition to a single-player game option, Lost Lullabies’ potential is revealed with a 4-player co-op multiplayer option.

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