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Windows 8 ip and dns settings

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If you are experiencing an unidentified network problem , you can  define an IP or DNS toaccess prohibited sites . How to configureIP and DNS settings in Windows 8  ?

Windows 8 ip and dns settings

You may need to manually define your IP address for many reasons, such as a problem with your computer’s internet connection(unidentified network) oropening a port . The steps you need to follow for this will be as follows.

Let’s right-click onthe Internet Access icon in the lower left corner of your computer’s taskbar and click onOpen Network and Sharing Center in the window that opens .

Windows 8 unidentified network problem

Onthe Network and Sharing Center page that opens , inthe Connections section, you can see the name of your network:Ethernet if you are making a wired connection ,or Wi-Fi if you are making a wireless connection . Let’s open the Status window by clicking on it.

Since I made a wireless connection,the Wi-Fi Status window opened. Let’s clickthe Properties button at the bottom of this window .

In the middle of theWi-Fi Properties page that opens, you can seethe This connection uses the following items section. Let’s open the properties page by double-clicking onthe Internet Protocol version 4 text in this section .

Windows 8 dns definition

The Internet Protocol version 4 Properties window will open . Underthe general heading there areip and dns settings . To configure IP settings, you need to know theDefault gateway address. If you don’t know, you can see how to learnby clicking here . The settings on the screen that opens will be as follows.

First, let’s check theUse the following IP address section. The information on the right will be as follows.

  • Let’s write the IP address we learned by looking at the cmd screen in the default gateway section. Ex.
  • Let’s write in theSubnet Mask section .
  • In the IP Address section, let’s write the first 3 parts of the IP address we wrote to the Default gateway and enter a value up to255 for the last digit. Ex.
  • We can write in thePreferred DNS server section and inthe Other DNS server section .

After completing the above information correctly, let’s close the screen by pressing theOK button.

After performing the steps above, if your computer does not automatically receive an IP address or you are experiencingan unidentified network problem, your problem will be solved. Additionally, when youdefine DNS , you can also access sites that are banned by court order. If you liked our article, do not forget to share it by commenting.

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