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What are the benefits of tahini?

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Tahini, which is widely used in various food cultures with its delicious taste in meals, desserts and breakfast, is a health food. Expert Dietician Şükrü Can Gülşen gave important information on the subject.
Tahini is a Middle Eastern sauce or condiment obtained by peeling the membrane and outer shell of the sesame plant seeds, cooking them with the necessary heat treatments, and then grinding them.

Nutritional Value of Tahini; 100 grams of tahini contains 592 calories. It consists of 53% fat, 22% carbohydrates, 17% protein and 3% water. It contains thiamine, phosphorus, zinc niacin, iron magnesium, folate calcium, B vitamins and potassium.

What are the benefits of tahini? Tahini, which contains high amounts of essential fatty acids, strengthens immunity due to its antioxidant content and reduces cholesterol levels when consumed adequately and balancedly. Thus, it reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. This food, which is good for skin health, also supports the brain. In addition, calcium and magnesium contained in tahini are also effective in bone development.

What are the Benefits of Tahini Molasses? It meets the need for amino acids. It provides energy by stimulating the body. It eliminates anemia. It cleans the intestines. It strengthens the brain. It is a calcium store. It warms the body. It supports mental development. It increases sexual power.
Expert Dietician Şükrü Can Gülşen said, “Due to its high fat content, when consumed in excess, it can cause weight gain along with the calories consumed. “Consuming tahini on an empty stomach in the morning makes the person more energetic during the day,” he said.

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