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TikTok started testing 60-minute videos

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TikTok started testing 60-minute videos

TikTok is testing the waters to find out whether its audience will watch long-form content. The social media platform is testing the60-minute video upload feature and confirmed to TechCrunch that the new upload limit is currently being tested with some users in select markets.

TikTok Tests 60 Minute Videos

The new upload limit was previously noticed by social media consultant Matt Navarra, who shared a screenshot of the notification on his X (formerly Twitter) account. “Upload up to 60 minutes of video! “Make sure your app is up to date, then try installing from your app on or from your desktop.”

There is no information yet about the launch date of TikTok’s hour-long video format. It has no immediate plans to make the feature widely available, the company told TechCrunch.

However, the arrival of TikTok will mark a big change for the social video application, which started its journey with 15-second video clips in 2016. TikTok’s success has prompted major players, including Meta’s Instagram and Google’s YouTube, to jump into the game and launch versions of the short-video format.

Work continues for TikTok . The company had previously allowed some creators to upload videos of up to 30 minutes. It’s pushing the envelope even further to address feedback from creators looking to create long-form content like cooking demos, comedy skits, beauty tutorials, and more.

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