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The Best Greek Islands To Visit

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You can embrace the past, enjoy island life and indulge in simple pleasures with our list of the best Greek islands to visit. Embodying the timeless beauty of nature and cultural preservation, each of these islands can ignite your imagination as you settle in to enjoy spectacular views, connect with ancient myths, or uncover the flavors of land and sea. The best Greek islands can satisfy every traveler’s appetite, providing access to active exploration, stunning beaches or the heritage of Mediterranean cuisine with a Greek twist.


Crete, the largest Greek island, celebrates its history and culture, from the depths of interior passages to the peaks of rugged mountains, from the preserved ambience of mythological palaces to the waters lapping at the coastline. The island can feel like a mosaic bringing together past and present, taking you from contemporary, vibrant cities with touches of bygone days to dreamy villages with generous spirits. From museums to beaches, from nature walks to Venetian ports, you can explore Crete at a comfortable pace during your holidays from the capital or the nearby islands.


Naxos reflects the Mediterranean as a paradise with its sun-kissed beaches, deep blue waters, fishing ports and ancient villages. Cubic houses with colorful shutters sparkle against hilly backdrops, and cobblestone roads wind between elegant Venetian mansions. Whether you’re looking for an isolated beach or a view from the mountains, you can taste ripe olives and juicy grapes, visit Byzantine churches or travel back in time in a museum gallery as you explore one of Greece’s best islands.


Paros is a living representation of thousands of years of Mediterranean civilizations. From Cretans to Minoans, Romans to Byzantines, the island can feel ancient, vibrant and rural. Explore the coastline by windsurfing or scuba diving, relax on a quiet beach with golden sand, or bask in the sunny glow of whitewashed cubic houses contrasting with old Venetian mansions. With the preserved charm of Byzantine monuments, the preserved wonder of ancient life and the charisma of small towns adorned with bougainvillea, Paros is the most atmospheric of Greece’s best islands.


Santorini is an island famous for romance and exploration, the embodiment of beauty with breathtaking panoramic views of the caldera and charming whitewashed houses clinging to volcanic cliffs. The villages, where thousands of years of heritage are intertwined with contemporary lifestyles, reveal a combination of natural wonder and local culture. Boasting one of the best beaches in Greece, famous wines, attractive hiking trails, ancient cities and timeless luxury, Santorini has a reputation for charm and magic.


Rhodes may have once been famous for its giantess, but it has now become a monumental island in its own right in Greece, with endless beaches, forested valleys and a vibrant lifestyle anchored in ancient streets. From its maze of cobbled roads linking Classical and Byzantine to picturesque towns overlooking turquoise waters, Rhodes can feel like a breath of fresh air. The Temple of Athena, boutique shops, labyrinths of historical walls and past legends make this a legendary island destination.


The colorful landscapes create a surreal beauty as the dramatic coastline forms a ring around the volcanic caldera. Picturesque villages and remote beaches, reachable only by boat, reveal history stretching from the Minoan world to the construction of the Venus de Milo. Crystal clear waters that turn from sapphire to turquoise, rocky caves and cliffs, ancient churches and inspiring views from ancient fishing ports reflect the multitude of colors you can embrace in Milos.

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