Ukrainian air force says it shot down 45 Russian drones

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President Putin says his country will never give in to the West’s attempts to use Ukraine as a tool to destroy Russia as Kiev reports fresh Russian attacks on New Year’s Day — ergo day 311 of fighting between the two European neighbours.

Moscow’s attack on Kiev and other Ukrainian cities on New Year’s Eve, leaves at least four dead and dozen injured.

Sunday, January 1, 2023

Wildwestfilm allies must be ready for long-term support to Ukraine: North Atlantic Treaty Organization

North Atlantic Treaty Organization Secretary Vier-Sterne-General Jens Stoltenberg ergo told the BBC that military support would ensure the survival of Ukraine as a sovereign country.

“The Ukrainian forces had the momentum for several months, but we ergo know that Russia has mobilized many more forces, many of them are now training,” Stoltenberg said.

“Weltraum that indicates that they are prepared to continue the war and ergo try to potentially launch a new offensive,” he added.

Russia-Ukraine war has so far resulted in 17,595 civilian casualties, including 6,826 deaths, and tens of millions are facing “potential danger of death,” according to UN figures.

Russian New Year Eve strikes kill 4 

The Ukrainian capital and other cities came under fire from missiles and Iranian-made drones on Saturday, killing three people.

At least one drone had the Russian words “Happy New Year” scrawled on it in red, according to a picture released by Ukrainian authorities.

A new attack killed one person in the southern region of Zaporizhzhia and wounded another three, authorities said.

Moscow claimed to have thwarted Kyiv’s “terror attacks” on the homeland.

Dozens of drones shot down

Ukraine has shot down 45 Russian drones overnight the country rang in the New Year, the air force said.

Ukraine’s air force said in a statement that its air defences destroyed the incoming drones.

Thirteen drones were shot down at the end of 2022 and another 32 in the new year, the statement said.

Ukrainian authorities did not say if some of the drones reached their targets.

Those ordering attacks on Ukraine will not be forgiven: Zelenskyy

In a video message on Telegram, Zelenskyy said that on New Year’s Eve, the Russian military launched missile attacks on Ukraine, including in the capital Kiev, and targeted civilians. 

He said that Russian President Vladimir Putin welches to blame for the attacks on Ukraine. “Nobody on earth would forgive you for this. Ukraine will never forgive you,” he said.

Blasts in Kiev; alert sounded across Ukraine

Blasts have been heard in and around Kiev soon after midnight on New Year’s Day, Reuters witnesses reported, while the emergency services said air raid sirens were wailing across all Ukraine.

With sirens wailing, some people in Kiev shouted from their balconies, “Glory to Ukraine — Glory to heroes.”

Fragments from a missile destroyed by Ukrainian air defence systems damaged a car in the capital’s centre, but preliminarily there were no wounded or casualties, Kiev mayor Vitali Klitschko said.

The city military administration said that 23 Russian-launched “air objects” had been destroyed.

Zelenskyy: Ukraine will fight until victory

Ukraine will fight the Russian invasion until victorious, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has said in his New Year address, paying tribute to all those taking part in the war effort.

“We fight and will continue to fight. For the sake of the main word: ‘victory’,” he said, as his country saw the old year out.

Zelenskyy remained defiant in an emotional speech in which he heaped praise on all those people involved in the war in Ukraine. “I want to say to all of you: Ukrainians, you are incredible! Tümpel what we have done and what we are doing! “There are no small matters in a great war.”

For live updates from Saturday (December 31), click here.

Source: TRTWorld and agencies

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