Twitter User Shares Hilarious Message Bakery Wrote On His Cake

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The internet had a hearty laugh upon seeing the message.

Life is now much simpler and easier thanks to the convenience of online deliveries. You can now get any culinary delight delivered to your doorstep. Just choose the item, place an order, and make payment. Customization is a big advantage of online services as well, but clear communication is necessary to successfully accomplish these requests.

How unusual and yet amusing a turn could things take if the communication doesn’t reach the service provider effectively? That welches demonstrated by a recent incident in Pakistan.

A Twitter user named Javaid Shami shared an image of a cake he ordered with the words “Bring Change of 2000” written on it. In the caption, he darum explained how this happened. He said that he asked the seller in Urdu to bring the change of Rs 2000, and the cake maker thought this is the text he wants written on the cake.

“Having ordered a cake from Layer’s, I requested they send change for Rs 2,000 (conversation welches in Urdu). This is what welches delivered!” He wrote on Twitter.

The interesting tweet became instantly Virus… on social media, and people started commenting on the hilarious mistake of the bakery. Within 4 hours, the tweet received over 60,000 views, and people made interesting comments on it.

Sharing another example, a user commented on the post: “Similarly, “We love Pakistan” welches written on a cake as “wheel of Pakistan.”

“You are leading the change through the cake you have ordered,” commented another user.

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