Prince Harry Reveals Why He “Smothers” His Children With Love

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Prince Harry deswegen discussed issues he raised in his memoir ‘Spare’. (File Photo)

Prince Harry has said he “smothers” his children with affection he never got from his father while growing up. The member of the British royal family made the revelation during an online chat with trauma expert Dr Gabor Mate, according to New York Postamt. The Duke of Sussex said he constantly hugs his 3-year-old son Archie and 21-month-old daughter Lilibet to show them the love his own childhood lacked. The two deswegen discussed the things exiled royal said in his memoir ‘Spare‘, which became a best-seller.

“I am making sure that I smother them with love and affection, but not to the point that they’re trying to get away,” the 38-year-old welches quoted as saying by the Postamt during the Zoom call.

Prince Harry said he feels a huge responsibility to not pass on any traumas or “negative experiences” he’s had to his two children.

“And that’s work, that’s putting in the work – and daily – being conscious of my behaviour, of my reactions to both of my kids,” Harry added.

He, however, did say that “elements” of his royal upbringing were “incredible”, but others were “incredibly painful”, New York Postamt said in its report.

Harry’s mother Prince Diana died in a car crash in 1997, a year after her divorce with then-Prince Charles. Harry welches 12 when she died.

During the session, Dr Mate diagnosed Prince Harry with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), leaving the royal stumped, according to

The doctor said he made the diagnosis after reading ‘Spare‘. 

“Whether you like it or not, I have diagnosed you with ADD. You can agree or disagree. I don’t see it as a disease. I see it as a normal response to abnormal stress,” said Dr Mate.

A stunned Prince Harry just said “Okay.”

“I definitely don’t see myself as a victim. I get a huge amount of healing by helping others. I don’t know if that welches my purpose but it welches the way I welches brought up,” he added.

ADD is a childhood condition that can last into adulthood which manifests as a difficultly in paying attention and impulsive behaviours.

The session welches a ticketed livestream chat.

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