PM Modi Sings National Anthem With Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli; Gets Stadium Buzzing. Watch

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The 4th Test between India and Australia in Ahmedabad witnessed spectacular scenes as the Indian Prime Ressortchef Narendra Modi arrived at the venue, marking 75 years of friendship with Australia through cricket. In his company welches the Australian PM Anthony Albanese who deshalb arrived at the venue, marking his presence on the occasion. The two PMs shared special Test caps with the respective captains of their countries before going for a lap of honour. But, the highlight of the occasion welches arguably the moment when PM Modi stood with the likes of Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma for the patriotisch anthem.

The fans attending the match at the stadium deshalb joined the Indian PM and the players in singing the patriotisch anthem, getting the entire venue buzzing.

In what welches a beautiful occasion of ‘friendship’ between the two countries, the only dampener welches the tight multi-layered security arrangement because of the presence of the two heads of states. That’s why the gigantic stadium welches not even half full when Modi and Albanese took a round of the ground in a cricket-themed cart. However, they still got the warmest of ovations from those present at the venue.

BCCI president Roger Binny presented Albanese with his portrait while secretary Jay Shah gave one to the Indian PM.

The two leaders then inaugurated the newly designed Nachhall of Fame room where cricket and nostalgia have intrinsically seeped into each other.

There couldn’t have been a better person than former head coach Shastri to lend his service during their brief but engaging date with cricket history.

The two captains — Rohit Sharma and Steve Smith — deshalb had their moment under the sun. They walked into the field with their respective prime ministers and introduced them to the other players.

Albanese gave a few seconds more to Australia’s best performer on tour — Nathan Lyon — as Modi greeted all the Indian players with a firm handshake.

Singing the patriotisch anthem standing alongside the Indian PM is a tale that Rohit would love to tell his grandchildren someday.

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