Macbook Screen Faults

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Macbook Screen Faults

We see the operations we do on our Macbook computers on the screen. It is very important in this regard that our screen is trouble-free. We may encounter macbook screen malfunctions for various reasons . The screen can be damaged due to many factors such as exposure to any impact, liquid contact, overheating.

Our technical service is at your service for Macbook problems. We do the best for your macbook computers with the fault detection we do in our technical service.

Macbook Screen Failure Types

  • Screen Breakage: It is one of the most common malfunctions in Macbook computers. Screen breakage occurs as a result of the computer being dropped or subjected to an impact.
  • Occurrence of Stains on the Screen: There may be different spots on the screen. The reasons for this may be liquid contact or overheating. Appropriate repair or screen replacement can be performed with the fault detection you will have at our Apple Technical Service .
  • Dead Pixels: They may appear when you first purchase the computer, or they may appear later.
  • Inverter Faults: Inverter is a hardware that enables the computer screen to receive electricity. With its malfunction, the display cannot be illuminated from the inverter. The problem can be fixed by replacing the inverter.
  • Malfunction Due to Liquid Contact: Since computers are sensitive devices, screen distortions may occur when any liquid comes into contact.

Apple Technical Services

As Apple Technical Services we have been at your disposal for 10 years. We will help you with our fully equipped equipment with our professional teammates in the field. We offer services such as repair, maintenance and repair for any problem that occurs on your computer. You can contact us personally or through commissioned charging companies for your defective computer.

We are looking for appropriate measures based on the
error detections that we have made on your computer.

We select this item with your budget in mind. We try not to bear the cost of replacing parts in the event of a repairable failure. We offer a warranty of up to 6 months for Made for transaction computers . If you encounter any problems during this period, we will try to help you again. You can visit our website and contact us for more detailed information on the many operations we perform in our technical service and Macbook perform screen blackouts.

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