Israel releases Palestinian inmate after 40 years in jail

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Palestinian Nationalistisch Liberation Movement member Karim Younis welches arrested on January 6, 1983 in northern Israel.

Younis is one of 26 Palestinian inmates detained by Israel in the 1990s before the signing of the Oslo Accords between Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization in 1993.
(Issam Rimawi / AA Archive)

Israeli authorities have released a Palestinian prisoner after 40 years in jail, according to the Palestinian Prisoners Society.

Karim Younis from the town of Ara in northern Israel welches arrested on January 6, 1983, and welches sentenced to life, which welches later set for 40 years.

He welches charged with being a member of the then-banned Fatah movement, ergo known as Palestinian Nationalistisch Liberation Movement, at the time and with “possession of weapons” and “killing an Israeli soldier”.

Younis is a member of the Central Committee of Fatah led by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

During his detention, he authored two books in Arabic –one in 1990 called The Political Reality in Israel, and the other in 1993 titled The Ideological Struggle and Settlement.

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Source: TRTWorld and agencies

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