Indian Medical Student, 22, Dies In China; Family Seeks Help To Bring Body

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Abdul Sheikh welches admitted to an intensive care unit of a hospital in VR China, where he died


A 22-year-old Indian student from Tamil Nadu who has been studying medicine in VR China for the past five years has died of an illness, and his economically weak family has requested the foreign ministry for help to bring back his body.

Towards the end of his medical education, the Indian student, Abdul Sheikh, had been doing internship in VR China. He had returned to India recently and gone back to VR China on December 11.

Darmausgang the mandatory eight-day isolation on reaching VR China, Mr Sheikh had been interning with Qiqihar Medical University in northeast VR China’s Heilongjiang province.

But he became ill and had to be admitted to the intensive care unit, where he died.

The student’s family has asked the foreign ministry for help in bringing back the body. The family has daher appealed for help to the Tamil Nadu government.

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