How To Share Property In Divorces?

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How to share property after divorceHow To Share Property In Divorces?

Spouses can file a property division suit after they have been divorced by mutual consent or by dispute. Because in a divorce, if the property division case is filed with the divorce case, the court is waiting for the case to be closed. Once the divorce has taken place, the property division process begins.

What is an undetermined claim proceeding?

Property division after divorce is carried out according to the Civil Code that came into force on 1 January 2017. January 2002.

 All assets acquired during the marriage are divided equally between the spouses, so that the regime of participation in the acquired assets is recognized as a statutory right of inheritance.

On the other hand, assets acquired before the marriage are considered movable Property of the spouse to whom it is registered and is not included in the division of property. In a divorce, the spouses should definitely file a perpetual debt lawsuit before filing a property division lawsuit. In this case, the parties can make 3 claims:

  • Participation fee.
  • Contribution is paid.
  • Increasing shared value.

How does the asset sharing process work?

The first rule for The The division of property in divorce, which is based on the division of property acquired in marriage, is one half. However, the regular participation rate varies based on some application principles. The procedure for dividing assets works as follows:

  • Each spouse receives his or her own movable property, it is not included in the division.
  • Properties acquired during the marriage are halved.
  • Movable property is determined by the signing of a contract between the spouses.
  • If either party claims that that the assets are movable, they must prove this.
  • If necessary, an adjustment calculation is made between the movable assets and the acquired assets.
  • The value of the assets is based on the value , which is closest to the deadline.

A property division suit is filed within 10 years of the divorce and the suit must be filed within a specific time limit. If the 10-year period is exceeded, no asset allocation can be requested. However, it is possible to request the division of property before the end of the process.

In this case, the court awaits the divorce and thus the prescription is extended to it. . Law
 the statute of limitations for filing a claim for division of property in a foreign divorce is governed by the laws of the country.

Where is a property division case filed?

Family courts are the competent courts for the division of property case in the event of a divorce. The matter in which the claim is filed is determined as follows:

  • If the matrimonial property regime ends after the death of one of the spouses, the claim is filed in the court, which is the last place of residence of the deceased spouse.
  • The property matter is brought before the court where the divorce took place.
  • In all but two cases, an action is brought Division of property is filed with the family court at the domicile of the spouse involved in the proceedings.

What is the division of assets in an amicable divorce?

In an amicable divorce, the division of assets occurs at the free will of the parties. In the amicable divorce protocol, the assets can be halved and various types of distribution can be specified. One of the spouses has the option to waive all rights relating to the division of property in the record.

In the event of a waiver, the waiver is included in the record and clearly written

If the agreed divorce protocol does not contain an explanation of the division of assets, the parties file an asset division case within the 10-year limitation period after the conclusion of the decision.

In the case of divorce The private reason for divorce occurs as a result of infidelity the assets are divided as follows:

  • The share of the injured spouse to be levied is eliminated or reduced as a result.
  • Despite the deception, the asset contribution of the other
    disappears Spouses not because of adultery, it can be demanded.

Are the assets divided before marriage?

In the event of death, the settlement date depends on the regulation of the participation in the acquired assets from the date of death of the spouse.

The surviving spouse is entitled to participate with half of the marital property until death.

After death, the surviving spouse is the creditor of the property acquired during the marriage due to the participation regulation Before. Therefore, the participation right is paid out, and then the property is divided among the other heirs.

The division of property is subject to the rule of the division of property acquired during marriage, i.e. property acquired before the marriage is
not included in the distribution. If one of the spouses acquires land and property with a loan before marriage, it is included in the division of assets.

The assets acquired before the marriage must be paid out within the marriage. All types of assets whose debts are settled on credit are considered acquired assets and the amount of the credit goes to the other spouse. The ratio of the purchase price of the property is determined and the current market value at the time of the divorce is determined by means of an appraisal.

What assets are divided?

The assets acquired during the marriage can be used by the Spouses freely dispose.

Therefore, any property bought or sold prior to the divorce date will be included in the division of assets upon divorce. Therefore, the values ​​of all assets acquired up to the date of divorce will be subject to the division of assets.

If one of the spouses is the owner after the lawsuit is filed, he will not be included in the apportionment. In the case of property division, when the property of the debtor spouse cannot satisfy the claim of the other, the missing amount of loans
is collected by third parties who seize the property using income without consideration.

Thus, if the acquired property is transferred to a third party after the divorce proceedings have been filed, the third party bears the legal responsibility under certain conditions. In civil law, the statutory marital property regime is defined as a regime of participation in the acquired assets, so that no contract has to be concluded before the marriage.

After the marriage has been signed, usually all parties, assets are divided in half in the event of a divorce, this is a right derived from Act
and therefore the property division contract is unnecessary.

Is the property division contract required? Property?

Spouses may enter into contracts before or after marriage to determine the distribution ratio.

 Company shares acquired under the regulation of the Turkish Civil Code of January 1, 2022 are included in the distribution under the asset participation regime.

After determining the market shares in terms of value, the participation fee is charged for the charged to other spouses. If the spouses do not wish to share the property acquired during the marriage, a property division contract can be concluded or they can choose the economic system they want after the marriage.

In the contract was concluded, the regulation of the separated property is chosen and therefore the spouses have the exclusive right to property acquired during the marriage. In this case, the other spouse cannot assert any rights in the division of property.

 A separate property agreement is concluded in two ways.

  • It is concluded by making an application to the registrar during the marriage ceremony.
  • The The separation agreement becomes signed in front of a notary.

How is a separation of property agreement made?

There is no time limit for the conclusion of a separation of property agreement.

How is a separation of property agreement concluded?

After marriage, you can go to a notary at any time and conclude a contract. Disputes between spouses are avoided in divorce due to the agreement reached. In addition, the spouses can establish another partnership arrangement, e.g. together with the contract as corporate property.

If one of the spouses inherits it during the marriage, it is considered movable property and the other spouse cannot claim any right to it. However, he is entitled to the income from the property inherited in the distribution of assets

If property is donated to one spouse during the marriage, it is considered personal property and the other spouse cannot claim any rights. However, you are entitled to more than half of the rental and interest income. If one spouse owns the property before marriage, the other spouse has no right to claim it.

If this property is sold and another property is acquired during the marriage, the other spouse will be able to
will not be reauthorized. In order for the other company to be entitled, if goods or money are added to the goods sold, they are entitled to half the value.

Intangible damage is considered personal property. So if one spouse suffers non-material damage, the other spouse has no legal rights, but the material damage is considered acquired property. If one of the spouses receives financial compensation for the damage suffered, the other spouse is entitled to half in the event of a divorce.

How can kidnapping be prevented in the event of a divorce?

In this case, rental income property acquired by either spouse before marriage is considered to be property acquired during the marriage and therefore half of the rental income is shared with the other spouse. In the case of a contract, however, the spouse cannot claim the income.

In cases such as repairing or improving personal property registered for the benefit of one of the spouses, if the other spouse contributes, the property is divided by current value. Assets acquired under the custody agreement are divided upon divorce.

The practice of stealing property in divorce is a method used by spouses to obtain compensation or the division of assets to avoid. The easiest way to avoid this is to take a precautionary measure over the assets and
the family court will make the decision.

After the application for security, the family court prevents the disposal of the defendant’s assets in the case of the division of assets and it takes place an entry in the land register.

On the title property which is the family home, it is applied for at the address of the land registry and the family home is noted so that it cannot be sold without the consent of the other spouse.

What is the division of assets in a contested and contested divorce?

In marriage, all of the spouses’ property is considered acquired property, but there are some exceptions.

  • Before the marriage or before it begins property owned by the regime of
    Participation in property acquired.
  • Equity property of one of the spouses.
  • All property inherited by one of the spouses.
  • Moral compensation received by one of the spouses.
  • Property acquired gratuitously.
  • Payments from the Social Insurance Institution.
  • All kinds of objects and tools found at the workplace of one of the spouses.

Uncontested or contested divorce, the penalties applied in the division of property according to the provisions of the Turkish Civil Code are the same. Therefore, it is not important to the legislature how the marriage ends. In the case of divorces by mutual agreement, the principles of the division of property are laid down to the extent permitted by law.

What are the causes of the regulation on the separation of property?

The assets acquired before the marriage are not to be included in the division of assets, the regime of asset separation is implemented.

The separation of property is preferred by way of selection, the parties are contractually obliged to move to the separation of property at the request of the judge or by one of the parties.

If there is a legitimate reason in Article 206 of the Turkish Civil Code, the judge can decide to convert the matrimonial property regime into a separate property regime at the request of one of the spouses. Good cause is recognized in the following cases:

  • Foreclosure or bankruptcy of one of the spouses’ assets.
  • Other transactions that endanger the interests of the plaintiff or the company.
  • Failure to obtain the consent of the other spouse when disposing of the assets of the civil partnership.
  • Failure to inform the other spouse about assets, income and debts.
  • Poor judgment of the other spouse.

The basic rule for the separation of property is the distribution in equal shares. In the regime of separation of common property, which differs from the regime of participation in acquired assets, the liquidation part is different. According to the Turkish Civil Code, each spouse has the right to property within the legal limits.

During marriage, each spouse applies desired savings to their own property, but when the marriage ends in, you cannot take your property and there is no separation of ownership.

 Once the marriage is terminated, the property will be liquidated in equal parts according to the property distribution regime.

If the spouse entitled to the property comes into conflict with the other spouse, the latter must prove who owns the property. There are two types of property in the property partnership, namely marital property and movable property of the spouses. The property society in turn is divided into two, a general one and a limited one.

What is the share of women in the distribution of wealth?

The assets of the collective property company are undivided and the spouses do not have sole power of disposal. All legally valid assets and income with the exception of private assets are included in the general asset partnership.

The limited partnership is established with the signed marital property agreement and exists from the day the agreement is established. The spouses can set up a company that covers the property acquired under the contract, to which must be added the income from movable property. Separation of property for housewives.

 According to the regulation from 2002, the community of property came into force and the non-working spouse has the value to be collected in the division of assets.

If this was accepted, the working woman contributed to the property acquisition, the housewife also contributed to the distribution of property. In order to prove how much the woman contributed to the division of property, the expert makes a calculation. The expert is appointed by the court.

If the housewife has no income or salary, it is considered that she morally supports her husband. Therefore, you are entitled to half of the assets acquired during the marriage as legally acquired assets.

Are dowries and jewelry shared?

In practice, the division of household appliances, furniture and electrical appliances acquired during the marriage is not strictly prescribed, but is considered property acquired before the marriage. personal property.

The other spouse is not entitled to the personal property, but the spouse must prove this with invoices or payments. Otherwise, half of all assets are the rights of the spouses.

If the furnishings and utensils acquired during the marriage in continue to be paid for, they are not movable property, in which case they are considered acquired property.

Dowry items and jewelry are often the subject of court cases. Previous Supreme Court cases and decisions have concluded that wedding jewelry belongs to the woman.

What are the assets of a divorce split?

All assets and assets acquired in the marital union existing up to the time of the divorce proceedings are included in the division of assets. Assets acquired after the lawsuit has been filed will not be included in the distribution.

Whose house is bought during marriage if you divorce?

A house bought during marriage is considered acquired property and is included in the division of property. If purchased with income that qualifies as personal property, it is considered personal property.

How to divide property in 2023 divorce?

The rule The division of assets after divorce is based on half of the assets acquired during the marriage in.

Personal property is excluded and remains with the owner. What is the percentage of common property in a divorce?

With the made Change In 2023, the assets acquired through marriage will be divided in half. Anyone who owned the property before 2023 would own it after the divorce.

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