How To Fix PS5 Overheating?

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How To Fix PS5 Overheating?

Your PS5 will get very hot. Turn off your PlayStation 5 and wait for the temperature to drop. If you get this error message on your screen, your PS5 may be overheating. However, what can you do to stop it? If your PS5 overheating issue is not resolved immediately, it can severely damage internal system components.

Although cooling is an important aspect of PS5 design, there are times when you need to fix PS5 cooling. This article is about how to fix PS5 overheating problem.

When you’re involved in a fairly large game like Elden Ring or Horizon: Forbidden West, you surely want your console to cool down when you see it getting hot. In general, any electronic device will become hot if used frequently and without ventilation. PS5 overheating is inevitable if proper game conditions are not met

How to Fix PS5 Overheating Problem?

  1. Make sure the area around your games and console is clean to avoid dust accumulation.
  2. Place your PS5 at least 10 cm away from any wall surface and do not store it in a closet or closed area.
  3. Gently vacuum the vents to prevent dust or dirt from blocking the airflow.
  4. Keep your system away from carpets, rugs or mats.
  5. Do not cover your PS5, especially the vents.
  6. If the fan is running continuously or noisy, check the vents for blockages.
  7. Prevent pets from sleeping on or near your console.
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