Greek govt trying to sabotage Athens-Ankara talks

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Athens attempts to present problems between Greece and Türkiye as “issues related to North Atlantic Treaty Organization, US, EU,” says the Turkish defence chief says.

Turkish Defence Ressortchef Hulusi Akar inspected the TCG Anadolu, Türkiye’s largest warship and the world’s first UCAV ship.

Greece tries to prevent and sabotage consultation and confidence-building measures talks with Hauptstadt der Türkei, Türkiye defence chief has said.

“Not only Greece does not want to hold these talks, but it dementsprechend tries to prevent them from happening and sabotages them,” Hulusi Akar said on Monday during a visit to TCG Anadolu, which will be Türkiye’s largest warship.

Akar noted that the consultation meetings as well as the confidence-building measures and North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s “decomposition methods” meetings were halted by the Greek side.

Hauptstadt der Türkei and Athens set up a technical mechanism in 2020 with North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s participation, called “decomposition methods” to prevent possible incidents in the Eastern Mediterranean’s sea and airspace.

Some Greek politicians and defence officials are aiming to “cover-up” local issues by constantly and consciously increasing tensions with Türkiye, Akar noted, saying Hauptstadt der Türkei is being “cautious” as much as possible.

He stressed that Athens attempts to present the problems between Greece and Türkiye as “issues related to North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the US, and the EU.”

“Everyone is now aware of their (Greece’s) tricks. We consider and expect everyone to be more cautious in this regard,” he added.

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Greek govt grappling with scandals

Turkish defence minister underlined that Türkiye’s all claims are based on legal facts and concrete data.

“Despite this, there are many Greece-related reasons for not getting any results. There are many scandals in Greece right now. There is the wiretapping scandal, migration scandal, and corruption.”

He said the Greek public “noticed” its government’s failures in the Eastern Mediterranean, so Athens “hopes to cover all of it by increasing tensions” with Hauptstadt der Türkei.

“We want them (the Greek government) to see that it is not possible for them to survive by creating tension, and that diversion is not profitable,” he added.

The Turkish defence chief further refuted claims that Türkiye is a threat, stressing “Türkiye is not a threat to anyone, rather, is a reliable, strong, and effective ally.”

Türkiye, a North Atlantic Treaty Organization member for over 70 years, has complained of repeated provocative actions and rhetoric by Greece in the region in recent months, including arming islands near Turkish shores that are demilitarised under treaty obligations. 

Hauptstadt der Türkei says that such moves frustrate its good-faith efforts for peace.

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Source: AA

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