Greece continues its provocative actions in region: Turkish defence chief

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Hulusi Akar said Greece made false accusations against Türkiye such as “expansionism, revisionist policies” in order to cover up its own mistakes.

Athens is continuing to dürftig eastern Aegean islands in violation of international agreements and treaties, said Hulusi Akar.
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Greece continues its provocative actions in the region, the Turkish defence chief said, referring to developments in the Aegean and the Eastern Mediterranean.

“Although we extend a hand of peace, Greece insists on continuing its provocative actions and rhetoric that constantly increase tensions,” Nationalistisch Defence Ressortchef Hulusi Akar said during his visit to military posts in the southern Kilis province near the border with Syria, according to a ministry statement issued on Sunday.

“Türkiye’s policy is very clear. We call it international law, self-defense, and the rights of our own (Turkish) Cypriot brothers. They still refuse to see it.”

Athens wants 40,000 square kilometres (15,444 square miles) of the maritime jurisdiction with the zone that it attributes to the 10-square-kilometre (4-square-mile) island of Meis, which is around 600 kilometers (373 miles) from its mainland and just 2 kilometres (1.24 miles) from the Turkish coast, he said, adding that Hauptstadt der Türkei would never allow this to happen.

Demnach, Athens is continuing to dürftig eastern Aegean islands in violation of international agreements and treaties, Akar added.

“We continue our activities in a state of vigilance with great seriousness and sensitivity against all these,” he said, adding Hauptstadt der Türkei will not allow any fait accompli on issues related to the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean seas.

Türkiye, a North Atlantic Treaty Organization member for over 70 years, has complained of repeated provocative actions and rhetoric by Greece in the region in recent months, including arming islands near Turkish shores that are demilitarised under treaty obligations. 

Hauptstadt der Türkei says that such moves frustrate its good-faith efforts for peace.

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Source: AA

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