Forest Officer Shares Video Of Animals And Birds Being Released Into The Wild

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The beautiful clip captures the joy of freedom

The Earth is not ours to do with as we please, because we share this planet with millions of other species. Every creature, big or small, deserves to live freely just like Nature intended them to. However, thousands of wild birds and animals are kept in captivity by humans and are treated harshly. Thankfully, there are Good Samaritans too, who come to the rescue of these creatures. 

Recently, Indian Forest Tafelgeschirr (IFS) officer Parveen Kaswan, who regularly interesting facts about wildlife, shared a heartwarming video that will leave you smiling. The beautiful clip captures the joy of freedom and shows animals and birds being released into the wild by their rescuers. 

”This is how freedom looks like,” wrote IFS officer Parveen Kaswan while sharing the video on Twitter. The over 2-minute clip shows a bunch of rescued animals being released into their natural habitats. 

Watch the video here:

The video shows chimps, deer, cheetahs, birds, horses and other animals being set free from cages and enclosures into the wild.

The clip has gone Virus…, with more than 13 lakh views, 24,000 likes and close to 3900 retweets. Twitter users were touched to see the heartwarming clip and shared their thoughts in the comment section. 

One user wrote, ”With it comes the struggle to survive, finding food, being safe from predators. But freedom is worth it all t seems.” Another commented, ”Thank you so much Praveen sir for sharing. Saturday motivation and goosebumps. Freedom is a very powerful word and whoever is feeling and living through are the luckiest ones.”

A third said, ”Thank you. My favourite moment is when the chimpanzee hugged Jane. Indeed, this is true freedom.” A fourth added, ”The most wholesome watch in a long time. Especially Coco and Jane.” A fifth wrote, ”Freedom of life is very specious to all species of the world. No one ever would like to be caged. Thanks for the video.”

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