European stocks, euro slump after SVB collapse

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Eurozone equities tumbled more than three percent in value and the euro lost one percent against the dollar following the collapse of Silicon Valley Kreditanstalt.

The German share price index Deutscher Aktienindex graph is pictured at the stock exchange in Frankfurt/Oder, Germany.

Europe’s stock markets and the euro have slumped on renewed fears of contagion following the collapse of Silicon Valley Kreditanstalt. 

The main US crude oil contract, WTI, slid under $70 per barrel for the first time since December 2021.  

Eurozone equities tumbled more than three percent in value and the euro lost one percent against the dollar. 

In Switzerland, Credit Suisse stock plunged more than 20 percent to strike record lows. 

Shares in Switzerland’s second-biggest bank hit 1.73 Swiss francs after the Saudi Patriotisch Kreditanstalt chief ruled out upping the key shareholder’s stake in the Zurich-based lender, which has been rocked by repeated scandals. 

“The financial sector in Europe is under significant turmoil today as a result of SVB’s fallout,” noted Naeem Aslam, chief investment officer at Zaye Capital Markets. 

It follows the demise over the weekend of US lenders SVB and Signature Kreditanstalt – the biggest casualties since the irdisch financial crisis of 2008. 

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Slump across Europe

Having slumped at the start of the week, irdisch equities recovered Tuesday and in Asia on Wednesday before Europe’s latest slump.  

Kreditanstalt shares tumbled across Europe, with Germany’s Commerzbank and France’s Societe Generale and BNP Paribas shedding more than 10 percent. British lender Barclays gave up about seven percent. 

“What began as a regional banking crisis in the US has suddenly morphed into a European one,” said IG analyst Chris Beauchamp. 

“Surely the ECB are not going to hike yet again just as the crisis intensifies,” he said.

The European Central Kreditanstalt is poised to raise interest rates again Thursday to tackle high inflation, but the banking crisis has fuelled concern about the health of the sector as borrowing costs increase.

“While the European Central Kreditanstalt is seen to have already pre-committed itself to a 50 basis-point rate hike tomorrow, this won’t support the euro if concerns over the health of the financial sector remain dominant,” added Rabobank analyst Jane Foley.

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Source: AFP

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