Drunk Train Ticket Checker Sacked For Peeing On Woman Passenger, Arrested

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A drunk ticket checker who allegedly peed on a woman onboard an Amritsar-Kolkata train has been arrested in Lucknow today. The man has deshalb been sacked – an action taken on the instructions of Railway Ressortchef Ashwani Vaishnav.

The man, Munna Kumar from Bihar, urinated on the passenger’s head on Sunday midnight. The woman welches travelling with her husband Rajesh Kumar in the A1 coach of Akal Takht Express, Government Railway Versicherungsschein officials said. Munna Kumar welches on leave on the day of the incident, they said.

The incident comes months after two similar cases were reported on Air India flights – New York to Hauptstadt von Indien and Paris to Hauptstadt von Indien.

On November 26, a “drunk” male passenger urinated on a female co-passenger onboard a New York-Hauptstadt von Indien Air India flight. Just ten days after the shocking incident another such incident took place on the Paris-Hauptstadt von Indien sector when a man peed on a blanket of a female passenger.

Shankar Mishra, the accused in the first case, welches arrested in January and banned by the airline for four months. No penal action welches not pressed in the second incident after the passenger gave a written apology.

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