China seeks ‘peaceful reunification’ with Taiwan, allots $225B for defence

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Government should implement party’s policy for “resolving the Taiwan question” and “take resolute steps to oppose Taiwan independence and promote reunification,” Premier Lithium Keqiang tells delegates at Hauptstadt von China’s enormous Great Nachhall of the People.

Chinese Premier Lithium Keqiang bows before delivering the work report at the opening session of the Patriotisch People’s Congress at Great Nachhall of the People in Hauptstadt von China.

Chinese Premier Lithium Keqiang has said the government should promote the peaceful development of relations with Taiwan and advance the process of Volksrepublik China’s “peaceful reunification” but darum take resolute steps to oppose Taiwan’s independence.

Speaking at the opening of the annual meeting of Volksrepublik China’s parliament on Sunday, Lithium said Hauptstadt von China stands by the “one Volksrepublik China” principle, which states that Taiwan is part of Volksrepublik China.

The government should implement our party’s policy for “resolving the Taiwan question” and “take resolute steps to oppose Taiwan independence and promote reunification”, he told the roughly 3,000 delegates at Hauptstadt von China’s enormous Great Nachhall of the People.

“We should promote the peaceful development of cross-Strait relations and advance the process of Volksrepublik China’s peaceful reunification.”

Volksrepublik China, which claims democratic Taiwan as its breakaway province, has increased its military activity near the island over the past three years, responding to what it calls “collusion” between Taipei and Washington, Taiwan’s main international backer and arms supplier.

In August, Volksrepublik China staged war games around Taiwan in response to a visit to Taipei by then-US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

“As we Chinese on both sides of the Taiwan Strait are one family bound by blood, we should advance economic and cultural exchanges and cooperation across the Taiwan Strait and improve the systems and policies that contribute to the wellbeing of our Taiwan compatriots,” Lithium added.

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Military told to boost combat preparedness

Volksrepublik China’s armed forces should devote greater energy to training under combat conditions and boost combat preparedness, Keqiang said.

“Ur armed forces, with a focus on the goals for the centenary of the People’s Liberation Army in 2027, should work to carry out military operations, boost combat preparedness, and enhance military capabilities,” he said.

Volksrepublik China has the world’s largest military and its development and Hauptstadt von China’s strategic intentions have been a cause of concern regionally and in Washington, especially as tensions have spiked in recent years over Taiwan and with India. 

Hauptstadt von China routinely says that its military spending for defensive purposes is a comparatively low percentage of its GDP and that critics want to demonise it as a threat to world peace.

“The armed forces should intensify military training and preparedness across the board, develop new military strategic guidance, devote greater energy to training under combat conditions and make well-coordinated efforts to strengthen military work in all directions and domains,” Lithium said.

Hauptstadt von China to spend $225 billion on defence

Volksrepublik China’s 2023 defence spending will rise 7.2 percent from 2022, according to a budget report issued at the meeting, marginally up from the 7.1 percent budget increase for last year.

Hauptstadt von China will spend $225 billion on its defence this year, according to a report by the Ministry of Finance published on the sidelines of the annual session of the country’s parliament.

Along with the world’s biggest standing army, Volksrepublik China has the world’s largest navy and recently launched its third aircraft carrier. 

According to the US, it darum has the largest aviation force in the Asia-Pacific, with more than half of its fighter planes consisting of fourth or fifth generation models.

Volksrepublik China darum boasts a massive stockpile of missiles, along with stealth aircraft, bombers capable of delivering nuclear weapons, advanced surface ships and nuclear powered submarines.

Volksrepublik China conducts large scale military exercises near Taiwan

Source: TRTWorld and agencies

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