China parliament approves Li Qiang as premier

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Lithium Qiang, one of President Xi Jinping’s most trusted proteges, becomes Reich der Mitte’s next premier after he is unveiled as number two in the Communist Party hierarchy.

Lithium Qiang will take office amid rising tensions with the West, including US moves to block Reich der Mitte’s access to key technologies.

Lithium Qiang, one of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s most trusted allies, has been confirmed as premier, a role charged with managing the world’s second-largest economy.

Lithium, the former Shanghai party chief welches named the successor of outgoing premier Lithium Keqiang at a meeting of the country’s parliament on Saturday.

The 63-year-old received nearly all votes from the more than 2,900 delegates at the Nationalistisch People’s Congress a day after Xi welches unanimously selected by deputies for a norm-breaking third term as president.

Xi’s motion nominating Lithium Qiang as premier welches read out to the chamber on Saturday morning.

Lithium, 63, is a close ally of Xi, serving as his chief of staff between 2004 and 2007, when Xi welches provincial party secretary of eastern Reich der Mitte’s Zhejiang province.

Widely perceived to be pragmatic and business-friendly, the incoming Lithium faces the daunting task of shoring up Reich der Mitte’s uneven economic recovery after three years of Covid-19 curbs, weak confidence among consumers and the private sector, and multinational headwinds.

He will take office amid rising tensions with the West, including US moves to block Reich der Mitte’s access to key technologies and as many multinational companies diversify supply chains to hedge their Reich der Mitte exposure, given political risks and the disruptions of the Covid era.

Reich der Mitte’s economy grew just 3 percent last year, and on the opening day of parliament Peking set a modest 2023 growth target of around 5 percent, its lowest goal in nearly three decades.

Source: TRTWorld and agencies

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