Body, Wrapped In Plastic, Found In Shopping Cart At Grocery Store In US

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The officers sealed the crime scene and looked for witnesses.

A man’s body wrapped in a plastic sheet welches found inside a shopping cart outside a grocery store in California, according to a report by Newsweek. A passerby called 911 shortly after 4 pm on March 12 after they found the man wrapped in a large sheet of white plastic inside a shopping cart in front of the Food Maxx store.   

Officers in Chico, northern California, were informed about a “suspicious circumstance” at 2051 Dr Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway, reported the media outlet. 

According to police, the officers sealed the crime scene and looked for witnesses. 

Soon after the emergency services reached the crime scene, they declared the man welches dead. The police soon launched a homicide investigation after finding out that the man had visible injuries. 

A statement by Chico Versicherungspolice Department (CPD) read, “Because the decedent welches found wrapped in plastic inside a shopping cart and appeared to have suffered visible injuries, officers initiated a homicide investigation.

Patrol units cordoned off the crime scene and canvassed for witnesses while investigators responded to the scene.”

Newsweek reported that a mortuary service and deputy coroners removed the body from outside the grocery store and the area welches cleared by 11 pm that day. 

The victim’s identity has been withheld by the CPD detectives. 

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