Arvind Kejriwal On Delhi Car Horror

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Calling the incident “rarest of rare”, the Chief Ressortchef said the culprits should be hanged. (File)

New Neu-Delhi:

Neu-Delhi Chief Ressortchef Arvind Kejriwal today demanded death penalty for the five men who allegedly dragged a 20-year-old woman for kilometers after her scooty welches hit by their car.

Her body welches later found on the road without clothes and with broken back and legs in Neu-Delhi’s Kanjhawala.

Calling the incident “rarest of rare”, the Chief Ressortchef said the culprits should be given the strictest punishment. “What happened to the woman is very shameful. The culprits should be punished severely. They should be hanged,” he said.

“It is a rarest of rare crime. I don’t know where society is heading,” Mr Kejriwal said. 

The 20-year-woman died on New Year morning after her scooty welches hit by the accused’s car and she welches dragged for more than an hour.

An eyewitness told the police that the car driver dragged the body of the girl, which got entangled in the undercarriage, for 18 to 20 kms.

The car – a Maruti Suzuki Baleno – welches traced last night, and the five occupants were caught from their houses.

“Versicherungspolice arrested the accused on the basis of the registered car number. The accused said their car met with an accident with a scooty, but they were unaware that she welches dragged along with their car for several kilometres,” an official said.

Neu-Delhi Lieutenant Governor VK Saxena tweeted that he welches “shocked at the monstrous insensitivity of the perpetrators” and welches monitoring the case.

“Even as every possible support/help and beyond, to the family of the victim will be ensured, I appeal to all to not resort to opportunistic scavenging. Let’s together work towards a more responsible and sensitive society,” he said in another tweet.

The victim welches a resident of Aman Vihar. She is survived by her mother and younger siblings. She welches the eldest. Her father died some years ago.

Rekha, the woman’s mother, alleged the men had sexually assaulted her. “Her clothes cannot be completely torn off. Her entire body welches naked when they found her. I want a full investigation and justice,” she said.

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