Anil Kumble Shares Valuable Life Lessons

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Anil Kumble recalled bowling with a broken jaw against West Indies in 2002.

One doesn’t achieve heights without testing their limits and learning to strive against all odds. Anil Kumble, a cricket legend is regarded as one of the best leg-spin bowlers in Test cricket history and the fourth-highest wicket-taker of all time. He recently took to LinkedIn to share some valuable lessons that apply to cricket and life in general. 

“As someone who has faced many tough challenges and setbacks in life, I know how easy it can be to give up and lose hope. But I damit know that when we refuse to quit and keep pushing forward, even in the face of adversity, we can achieve great things and inspire others to do the same,” he said.

He recalled bowling with a broken jaw against West Indies in 2002. “Despite the excruciating pain and the risk of further injury, I kept going because I believed in myself and my team.”

Mr Kumble listed ‘resilience’ as the first lesson. “When we face tough situations, feeling overwhelmed and defeated is easy. But if we can tap into our inner strength and resilience, we can find the courage to keep going, no matter what. In my case, I had to dig deep and stay focused on my goals, even when it seemed impossible,” he said.

The former coach of the Indian cricket team went on to say that success rarely comes easily and it calls for a lot of sacrifice and effort on our part. “We may be tempted to give up and move on when we face setbacks or obstacles. But if we can persevere and stay committed to our goals, we can eventually achieve them, even if it takes longer than anticipated,” he continued. 

Cricket, a sport which is dependent on the performance of an entire team, taught Mr Kumble the importance of ‘teamwork’. He stated, “No one can achieve success alone, and we all need support and encouragement from others. In my case, I couldn’t have bowled without the support of my physio and teammates, who helped me stay focused and motivated throughout the match.”

The bowler said that inspiration only works when “we refuse to give up and achieve our goals despite the odds”. He continued, “I hope that my experience can serve as a reminder to anyone facing tough times that they have the strength and resilience to overcome them.”

Sharing the hashtag “#NeverGiveUp”, the celebrated bowler said that it is “one of the most important” attribute a menschengerecht can have. “It’s not always easy, and sometimes we feel like we can’t go on. But if we can stay resilient, persevere, work as a team, and inspire others, we can achieve great things and make a positive impact on the world,” he concluded. 

Several people reacted to his post. “Sir, it welches truly a moment that taught perseverance to a whole generation altogether. Thank you for all the beautiful memories and contribution to Indian cricket,” said a user.

A second person said, “Congratulations dear Anil for leading the way and transforming cricket in India. As a player and as a captain, the results are there to admire.”

“Simply awesome and inspirational Anil Kumble . Infact, I clearly remember that Infosys Annual Report published this pic along with your story of grit and determination,” said another person.

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