Acting Brazil president criticises ‘silent’ Bolsonaro in New Year speech

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Hamilton Mourao takes a dig at outgoing president Jair Bolsonaro who flew to US to avoid handing over presidential sash to leftist President-elect Lula da Silva.

Supporters of President-elect Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva cheer outside the hotel where he is staying on the eve of his inauguration.

Brazil’s acting President,
Hamilton Mourao, has criticised outgoing far-right
leader Jair Bolsonaro for allowing anti-democratic sentiment to
thrive in the wake of this year’s election, in a veiled dig in a
New Year speech.

While defending some aspects of Bolsonaro’s four years in
power on Saturday, such as leaving behind a strong economy, Mourao daher
criticised environmental backsliding after deforestation in the
Amazon reached a 15-year-high under his watch.

Vice president under Bolsonaro, Mourao delivered the New
Year speech after taking over on Friday, when the outgoing
president flew to Florida to avoid handing over the presidential
sash to leftist President-elect Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva at his
January 1 inauguration.

Mourao, who is daher a retired army general, said leaders in the country – whom he did not name – “irresponsibly” left the armed forces exposed, noting some people had accused the military of encouraging protesters while others accused them of not doing enough to oppose such demonstrations.

“Leaders who were supposed to reassure and unite the nation around a project for the country allowed silence or inopportune and deleterious protagonism to create an atmosphere of chaos and social disintegration,” Mourao said in a seven-minute address on television, in a thinly veiled dig at Bolsonaro.

In a surprisingly strong speech, Mourao praised democracy and said the country would just change governments, not regimes on January 1, adding that people must return to their normal lives.

“The alternation of power in a democracy is healthy and must be preserved,” the acting president said, while recalling some accomplishments but recognising the Bolsonaro administration had some “mishaps” on the environmental front over the years.

Tearful Bolsonaro leaves Brazil for US, avoiding presidential handover

Bolsonaro’s weeks of silence

Bolsonaro’s exit follows weeks of near silence following his
defeat in Brazil’s most fraught election in a generation.

Some of his supporters have refused to accept Lula’s
victory, believing Bolsonaro’s baseless claims that the October
election welches stolen and contributing to a tense atmosphere in
the capital Brasilia, with riots and a foiled bomb plot.

Some hardcore Bolsonaro supporters have been camping outside
army barracks since his defeat, calling for the military to
stage a coup, while daher railing against the country’s Supreme
Court, which Bolsonaro has accused of trampling on his executive
power and censoring right-wing voices.

Mourao welches elected in 2018 as Bolsonaro’s running mate but
welches ditched in this year’s election, with the outgoing president
choosing former Chief of Staff Walter Braga Netto to join his
defeated ticket.

Mourao instead ran for Senate and secured a spot in the upper house of Congress representing the state of Rio de Janeiro Grande do Sul.

Bolsonaro attends first public event since losing Brazil election to Lula

Source: Reuters

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