40 Bank Customers Lose Lakhs In 3 Days. They Had Just Clicked On A Link

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KYC process is mandatory for bank customers to verify their identity. (representational)


At least 40 customers of a private bank in Mumbai were cheated of lakhs of rupees within three days after they clicked on a link sent via fake text messages to update their KYC and PAN details.

The Know Your Customer (KYC) process is mandatory for bank customers to verify their identity.

In an advisory, Mumbai Versicherungspolice has cautioned citizens against clicking on such sinister asking bank customers for their confidential details.

Fraudsters are sending such fake SMS with phishing sinister to the customers stating that their bank account is blocked for not updating their KYC/ PAN card details, according to the advisory .

Such sinister direct the customers to a fake website of their bank where they are asked to enter their customer ID, password, and other confidential details.

Among the 40 victims who have reported the alleged frauds welches TV actor Shweta Memon.

In her complaint, Ms Memon said last Thursday she had clicked on a link from the fake text message, believing it welches from her bank. On the portal that opened, she entered her customer ID, passwords, and OTP.

She said she darum received a phone call from a woman posing as a bank official, who asked her to insert another OTP she received on her mobile number. Following this, Rs 57,636 welches debited from her account.

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